Just a short bit today:

Thus far in, what, three posts, I’ve been emphasizing some of the shitty, nasty, and degrading parts of sex work.  I don’t get any chance to air that type of stuff in my daily life, and that’s why it’s so prominent here where I can write whatever the fuck I want.  That said, everyone complains about their work, that doesn’t mean they necessarily are going to or want to quit. I’m a bit self concious about only writing about my own experiences with sex work, what with all of these amazing SW bloggers writing about their activism and world events relating to sex work, it feels petty to complain sometimes.

So for the record, my job is pretty sweet. It comes with a lot of challenges, but at best I get to work less hours and make more money without any higher education, and therefore can spend most of my time making art, playing music, writing, hanging out with friends, exploring, and brainstorming for the revolution. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my sexuality and it’s function, and can now look at my body as sexy instead of disgusting. Oh yeah, and I can, uh, pay rent and buy food without stressing the fuck out.

That’s right, no complaining for today! Maybe that’s just because it’s my week off…