In my extensive internet putterings about, I came across this link. You’d think with the domain, it’d be a reliable, informative resource, right? NOT! It’s run by some douchebag john from Phoenix who trashes on streetworkers at every turn. See the “Why SWOP is the enemy of private sexwork” article, along with the rest of his bullshit. (The reason why, so you don’t have to read the article, is that they lobby for streetworkers’ rights instead of just indoor sex workers’). So, mr. john, I see it’s more important for you to get off legally instead of sex workers having access to safer working environments and freedom from police harassment? Brilliant!

So here’s a big Fuck You to “Dave in Phoenix”- I hope the next lady you enlist in your quest for “meaningful touch” or whatever cuts yer dick off.

The sad part is that hating on streetworkers is, as far as I can tell, universal among escort agency and massage parlor owners.  I can’t say for indoor workers, but I know a lot like to think we’re “better” than streetworkers. As far as I can tell, the only difference between one hole and another is that one has class privilege and the other don’t. As far as the technical law goes,  outcall prostitution is legal, but that’s it. You can advertise online or in the paper, go to some random dude’s house, negotiate in private, get paid to do whatever and that’s legal. But public negotiation of fees is illegal, which puts streetworkers out, and engaging in prostitution in the same place more than once makes it a “bawdy house,” which is illegal to operate/live in, putting incall escorts and masseusses  out.

But as far as enforcement goes, who do you think is really getting the shaft (pun intended!)? It’s not like the RCMP is busting down massage parlor doors. Cops are lazy, and they don’t want to deal with paperwork. So seeing as prostitution isn’t going anywhere, they prefer that it stays indoors. Sex work busts are mostly complaint driven, so mostly it’s streetworkers getting the slip.

In other news, it’s been a slow night and I think the place is haunted. The lights buzzed off for a second and the door flew open randomly tonight. Ok, the constant snow and 60km/hr wind might have something to do with it…

Also I got a call from some guy not asking, but telling me that he is going to come in and I’m going to be his girlfriend, and therefore give him a reduced rate. Cause he wants to “get to know me.” Uhuh. Also a secretary fantasy guy who wanted to know if I had an office type outfit. Do you think I bring a wardrobe with me every damned day? I wear the same clothes every shift! In fact I’ve had this halter top since I’ve started working (thank you value village). It permanently stinks of middle aged man cologne.  Well, it’s about midnight and I best be on my way, a long trek through the slush awaits…

fuck that I’m calling a cab.