I don’t know if this is a blogging faux pas, but I have to go and repost this repost. From Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine:

“I’ve been saying for years that irony is now the last refuge of a coward. A singularly dishonest and deluded sort of coward who imagines his behavior a mark of courage, as he fearlessly refuses to take anything seriously.

But the true mark of courage is a willingness to engage the world, and your place in it, with honesty and sincerity. Those who lack that sort of courage will spend their lives looking for something to hide behind. This cowardice is the root of all hipster irony.

And this is never more obvious, or more ugly, than when issues of race are involved. There’s a lot more I could say about this but right now I just don’t have the patience.” -Jay Smooth

However I think this means that everyone in Boston is a coward. Can’t really argue that one. The “oh I was just joking” bullshit, or “no really I’m making fun of racists right now,” and on and on. Shoot me in the face, I’m so fucking tired of it.

And now for a stuff white people do moment:

Two sad facts in my social/lack of anti-oppression analysis life right now:

1. The last person I slept with* refered to something as “gay” as an insult. I haven’t heard that from anyone I give even just one shit about in, oh, ever, and didn’t even realize he was serious. He then put on a red button down shirt, and said

him: “this is my black guy shirt”

me: “…what do you mean?”

him: “you know, doesn’t it look like a shirt a black guy would wear?”

(grasping for a response besides walking out, seeing as I was naked at the time)

me: “Well, uh, you’re white, so I guess it’s an equal opportunity shirt.”

Needless to say we haven’t seen much of eachother since. Ok I hit it one more time, but that was it.

2. I’ve heard the N-word more times in this province than ever, anywhere, in my entire life. (obviously excluding when black people use it).  I actually got in an arguement with my old boss who claimed that “racism is over” and “Canada is the least racist country in the world.”  I think a lot of the plain old stupid  shit that gets said about non-white people here has to do with isolation. I mean, fuck, as of 2001, some 95% of the island was white, and 4% First Nations, that leaves some 1% of “other,” of mostly Middle Eastern, South and East Asian, and African decent. Just to give an idea.

This is no way meant to indicate that people in the big city, or in “more diverse” places are somehow less racist, or that I’m less racist than anyone else here. I’m just bitching about how frustrating it is to not really have any friends on a similar anti-oppression page. Sometimes it feels like swimming upstream, sometimes it feels like having flaming cow turds thrown at me over and over again, especially while speaking up.

*Obvious to some but not all: people I say I sleep with are a distinctly different group than those I work for.