In case you were wondering:

The middle class of prostitutes, the auletrides (literally, “flute-players”), were lovely and accomplished musicians, singers, dancers, strippers, and prostitutes. According to legend, the most famous auletrides charged as much as two talents (many thousands of dollars) or 50 pieces of gold for a night’s work at an Athenian banquet. And they sometimes so aroused such frenzied passion that their audience literally showered them with valuable rings and jeweled ornaments. Indeed, the most successful auletrides accumulated wealth and renown to rival the hetairae.

See it’s clever cause I play flute and whistle. Accordion, too. I’m working on being showered with valuable rings and jeweled ornaments.

So, I haven’t worked in about a week due to combination of my bleeding week, moving, and a small cold. I got a little paranoid that something was up, as in me being fired for god knows what reason, because of the owner’s shortness over the phone, and him cancelling one of my shifts out of the blue. But people in the sex industry are just fucking flaky no matter what, and it’s not actually me, and here I am at work, typing away. BUT there was one thing, which apparently someone called in to complain about, and the other girls have also mentioned:

She don’t shave!

That’s right folks, a ho who don’t shave. Everyone in this damned city knows the state of my pubic hair so why not everyone on the internet, too? Of course I keep it neat, and do my armpits and shit. But fuck that! I’ve never done it and never will, and when all the 50 y/o+ dudes who actually like it die out, well I’ll be out of business. But fuck that, it’s itchy! and hurts! Not worth it.

It’s a new thing to be accountable in a way to the owner and the other girls, where before I didn’t even shave my armpits for work, being independant and all. But according to the owner “they all think you’re a nice person, it’s just the hair thing they’ve brought up.” Ha! “But men from my generation will appreciate it, we’re all used to seeing hair on a woman! First time I saw a girl shaved, well it just looked wrong to me.” He then proceeded to tell me a story about getting his dentures lost in a girlfriend”s vagina. Yikes.

Back to the subject at hand, peeps should do whatever they like with their bodies and if that’s shaving or not, I’m all for it, but I HATE the trend towards shaved pubes. Hair provides lubrication, it’s there for a reason! And you know who doesn’t have pubic hair? Pre-teens and younger. Talk about marketing pedophilia. Again I’m talking about the trend, not individual choices.

This guy who showed up at the other studio I did a shift at just walked in. Maybe in his late 20s, I don’t take anyone under 30 seriously. Like the first time, he came in, never made eye contact, and asked the fee.

“Listen b’ye dat’s too much, you sure you can’t work out a deal?”

Oh of course, you are so drop dead gorgeous and have such a winning personality that I’ll cut the price in half. Oh and that spider tattoo on your neck is to DIE for. In fact, I’ll pay you. I’m on my knees for you. (effecting best Clueless impression) As if. I should have told him the bar was around the corner, but I bet he wouldn’t even pay the price of a lady’s drink.

In the world of excellent internet findings:

Hooker Heroes, a page of links to the bios of “Prostitutes who changed the world.” The author, not a sex worker, is in fact a longtime patron of the Nevada brothels and obviously thinks very highly of sex workers. Enjoy!