So I spent a good 6 hours yesterday on the bus and (le blush) at the mall doing some errands with my new housemate. He’s an international business major looking to work in the aerospace industry. Not only that, but possibly getting a job with the company that does security with Canadian airlines, trying to configure it to be more like American security. That’s only after going to Guadalajara for a semester of study funded by NAFTA. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. I held my tongue for most of it–on most accounts dude’s a pretty nice guy–but after the “airport security does racial profiling for a reason” comment, I couldn’t really stop the flow of rant. Like a fucking tsunami wave.

The conversation (also happening loudly, on the bus) somehow got to the point where he was like “Well, if the people really revolted, the government would have to listen, why don’t they do that if it’s so bad?”

I couldn’t help but think of Palestine, of Oakland, New Orleans, LA, the whole fucking world where in the eyes of the state, regardless of active revolt, which IS happening and HAS been violently and genocidally been put down, some bodies are inherently enemy combatants. This world where pretty much every real revolt has been by and for people who have only to gain from it, because it can’t get much worse then having your kids and friends killed or imprisoned systematically, your community pumped full of drugs to keep it sedate, your access to basic needs denied and then be blamed for because of a (never directly spoken) implied inferiority. Just keep blaming the victim, right? And murder and erase the memory of anyone who refuses to be one.

As re-reposted from Stuff White People Do:

…the ideology of a racial state in which it is assumed that in the absence of African-Americans and Palestinians, including children, there would be no police violence, threats, insecurity, checkpoints, blockades, economic problems, immigrants—just a racially cleansed society no longer at war with itself and others. What unites all three events is the shame of racist violence and the practices of state terrorism . . .

That’s pretty much it. Thanks everyone who posts news that needs to be heard.