For those of you in the category of Obsessively Dedicated to Creative Ventures, this post by Grandpa Dinosaur over at PDDP about, well, lotsa stuff is, uh, really good. I can’t give any description that will be better than the article itself. To be so damned cliche about it, I really really admire people who not only put out a lot creatively, but especially those who’ve had to fight to do so.

She also links this page–how to make a living doing what you love. Reading this, I wonder how to apply it to my life. I have a lot of pipe dreams. Whether it be opening up a 24 hr cafe/diner, running a boarding house, traveling around the world for free, they often just stay dreams. I’m a coaster, and have been for a while- I often take the route that requires less effort. This is not to say I haven’t done some shit that I’m really proud of, that’s been scary or adventurous or difficult, but in all I don’t find myself so committed to any one project or place that I’ve sacrificed much for it. And now finding myself a little more financially secure than, well, ever, it seems a ripe time to start doing something with that security besides resenting it and wanting to leave to travel again.

The title of this post was supposed to lead into my feelings about money, and the weird (and stereotypical) miserly attitudes about money that I’ve inherited from my dad. But that’s for another time. No clear conclusions today!

Update: The rest of Keri Smith’s website is awesome! Lots of good advice for, uh, bein creative and shit.