So for the third time in the past two weeks, I’m going down to planned parenthood to get tested. Why the third? Cause the first time, the doctor had to leave the office after an hour long wait for 4 of us to go into labor. The second time the desk lady fucked up on the datebook and marked my appointment a week late. Oh Canada! This would not be so infuriating if not for the 30 minute walk in the snow and ice.

Anyways, I’ve been puttering about on the internets and found some fun stuff that, if not for the 3 people who read this, I wanted posted somewhere permanent for myself:

Sixteen Maneuvers to Avoid Really Dealing with Racism at Feministe- This is almost a year old, I know. But the list is pretty good, and even better are all the comments. It’s like reading a damned novel!

Anti-racism is not human relations programming at Restructure- Also kinda old, but I likes it.

Anyways, I got 30 minutes to eat and psych myself up for needles and being triggered at the PP! For the third time! Peace!