As usual, I’m about 2 months late on the news. Womanist Musings tipped me off to the story of Dymond Milburn. That link links to a bunch of more detailed stories, but in short: 3 plainclothed cops in Galveston responding to a complaint about 3 white prostitutes brutally beat and basically tried to kidnap a 12 year old black girl in her front yard. The cops claimed she fit the description cause she was wearing “tight shorts.” WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!?!? Oh, and not only is this girl suffering from PTSD now (obviously), she and her dad were later arrested for assault.


So between this and the countless other murders and assaults by cops we read about all the time, is there any question that they basically have the authority to do whatever the fuck they want? Oops, I mean do whatever they want as long as it’s not accidentally hurting a rich and/or white person? Cause that’s a crime.

Again, that link above goes to both mainstream and alternative/anti-racist analysis of this bullshit. This is obviously a result of racist and sexist hatred, as usual, being excused if not outright endorsed by the state and media. Other folks have written more about that primary aspect of this assault. What I wanted to ask was:

Most of the coverage of this story, that doesn’t overtly or implicitly victim-blame, frames the assault as a “mistake.” What, like it wouldn’t have been a mistake if they had been beating REAL prostitutes? Because that’s how I’m reading into it.  I mean, if a random 12 year old girl deserves to be beaten by three cops, then streetworking prostitutes DEFINITELY do. Seriously? Would it have reached the news, then? What if they were white prostitutes? What if they were black? Or asian? Or middle eastern? What if they were trans? What angle would the news story have taken then to justify this assault? I think I already know, judging by past stories.

I hear jokes all the time that involve violence against or humiliation of sex workers. Since we are, ya know, giving away our bodies carelessly, and therefore they are worthless. We have no hearts, no minds, we can’t love and we can’t feel. We are the shell that we portray, right? By the shell I mean the character you put on as a sex worker. And though that shell is really just a show that is appealing to men, though they love to fuck it, they also hate sex workers for it. We are despised for our “fakeness” and reduced for it, because really johns and men and everyone hate that they cannot know us because no matter how much they pretend, it IS work. Oh and those anti-sex-work people will tell say that the shell (on the part of trans and cis-gendered female sex workers) is a betrayal of women, just buying into the stereotypes, right? Because no one else does that to make more money in their job, or to get laid, or to just survive. We are reduced to one dimensional objects of male desire, and then dismissed either as heartless bitches or as the downfall of feminism. And thus these jokes, and more relevantly, assaults fueled by the same sentiments are deemed socially acceptable.

Assault against sex workers is wrong. It’s as wrong as assault against an innocent 12 yr old girl. Black white brown whatever, it’s fucking wrong. But it just adds a dimension of unfathomable injustice that the supposed prostitutes were described as white, Milburn is black, and that the assumption of black women’s hypersexuality somehow excuses this, uh, “confusion.”


Off the pigs.