Well, shift #3 with nothing to show for it. That’s, what, 24 unpaid hours? If I even get one guy in per shift, at minimum, it evens out to $10/hr, and the rest of the hours are spent dicking around online and reading. More often than not I’ll get more than that out of a client. During slow times I feel like a fucking chump, like for this I might as well be working somewhere where I know I’ll get paid regularly, even if it’s less. At worst it’s a like gambling, but more reliable. Anyways, I wanted to share the links to these wonderful blogs

Letters from Johns and Letters from Working Girls. They’re exactly what they sound like. It was a year long project that published anonymous letters from providers and johns. I haven’t looked through it that extensively, but I love the idea.

I’ve always been one to believe that the best way to learn about an experience is to go directly to the source- don’t quiz someone about their identity, but when they’ve written or volunteer to speak about it, listen! You’ll learn a lot! This is the basic rule behind my philosophy of anti-oppression work.

from Letters from Working Girls:

To this day, I look at housewives and girlfriends who don’t pay their own way and wonder if they realize they are prostitutes.