from I’d Rather Be a Whore Than an Academic:

You’ll never get a straight job in a brothel again. Think of your family! What will you say to them — you who come from a long line of madams, pimps and panderers.

ahahhahaha! But more seriously…

Whores are ultimately threatening because we remind mainstream society that there’s nothing inherently degrading or private about sex, and that marriage and monogamy are not the necessary order of things, even though many people swear by them. While we sell sexual services, we do not necessarily sell anything more intimate, private, or personal than anyone else. In this sense, we do not “sell ourselves.”

Really I could quote the whole damn paper, but you should just go read it. It’s a pretty good “why your anti-prostitution position is silly” piece, by a whore with a PhD and a Marxist analysis.

Also, I think I’ve forgotten that a lot of people think of sex as this inherently personal and intimate thing. Like one’s sexual and spiritual selves are entirely inseparable. Intertwined, sure. But I don’t have to rely on my sexual self  and the partners (both during work and for fun) for my sense of self. I know that I am just as much me before fucking a 60 yr old business man as I am afterward. This does not in any way “degrade” my personality, decrease my intelligence, or damage my soul. Just like everyone else, I’m working towards better self esteem and a simultaneously flexible and secure sense of self. As far as I can tell, sex work is mostly contributing to this.

Maybe this is why I can’t talk to anti-sex work people, they just don’t make any sense to me.