Because Womanist Musings deserves one for Who Owns Feminism?. I should make clear, if it isn’t already, that I’m writing as a middle-class, first world, gender/queer white woman. It serves women (and men, and trans people) of all backgrounds to take an inclusive, multifacited, and self-critiquing approach to feminism (or I guess in this case, Womanism). As long as fences are erected declaring certain identities worthy of feminist inclusion and others as either irrelevant or even “anti-feminist,” it’ll remain and ideology of the privileged. I’m reminded of how, as it’s shoved it’s way into the mainstream, a formerly radical gay rights movement has whittled itself down to be represented by only the most non-threatening image of rich, cisgendered, white gay men. This, of course, at the cost of the inclusion of transpeople, gays/queers of color, poor and working class queers, and open BDSM enthusiasts.