A unique species, actually a parasite that feeds off of the negative energy of others, specifically mutual insecurity. Similar to a mosquito, the hater attaches to and injects a venom via verbal harassment. Haters are particularly attracted towards those belonging to less privileged populations. Though it may seem difficult, the most effective treatment for a hater bite is to acknowledge the sensation of pain, and resist the overwhelming urge to hunt down and smash, stalk, or passive-aggressively attack the hater. This will only contribute to a long-lasting itching sensation.


Most are allergic to the venom of at least one subspecies of hater. Symptoms may resemble anaphylactic shock (redness in the face, choking, crying, inability to breathe) In case of trigger, seek hugs from trustworthy friends and chocolate.

Why do you have such a beef with anarchist sex workers?
Because they are exchanging their labor and their bodies for money and then turning that around to somehow present as a part of their anti-capitalist radicalism. Sex work is just another form of exploitation and should be seen as such even by the people who think it’s no different from working retail. After all, aren’t you fighting for a revolution after which nobody has to work retail either?

Also, the anarchist movement on the whole tends to be very good about women’s issues and very pro-feminist. It pains me to see well-read radical people who identify as anarcha-feminists and feminist allies doing something so highly anti-woman and pro-patriarchy as supporting and endorsing sex work.

See, look, this is me NOT even posting where this came from. It hurts a little bit, but not even that much, because there are a lot of holes in it from my perspective. On some level that sort of shit does wear away at me every time I read it.  I’d like to think that anti-sex work people don’t matter. But then I realize that they are the majority, and that the law and politicians (even if they come to see whores in their off time) is on their side. The anti-sex work/porn front is, without a doubt, my political enemy. But the ones who claim to be feminists only seem to exist on the internet, so I can take comfort in real friends and allies and radical sex workers. This is coming out all wrong, because I feel so fucked up about it the more I think about it.