-used to describe any act carried out with extreme exuberance or to its fullest potential. “We were just Giv’n’r last night.” Often used to describe heavy alcohol drinking and partying. Short for “give her everything you got.” Variation “Give ‘er” used on east coast (‘I’m gonna just give ‘er in tonight’s game’ or ‘We really gave ‘er last night at the game.’)”

As yelled by not more than 6 drunk ass townie boys trying push my boss’s snowed in car out into the street. One of the girls from the strip club across the street and I came out to help push, too. Hilarity ensues at midnight on superbowl sunday.

I only had one in last night, and he was actually $5 short of the house fee. But he’d been waiting in his car for 2 hours for his check to clear and he comes in every week, so I cut him a deal. Seriously one of the easiest clients ever, and he gave me a vibrator. It always surprises me a little, what with all media portrayals of “positive” sex work experiences involving servicing sexy young men, that the very best clients are always unattractive, clean, 40-50 something dudes. In general I assume that guys under 35 are assholes, cause they usually are. But here I’m talking about the ones where I feel most comfortable and even enjoy myself a bit. It’s not like they’re guys I’d be intimate with for fun…it’s like having a friendly, easygoing customer at a restaurant. As a waitress, you probably wouldn’t be inclined to be friends with this person, but your brief work-based interaction is pleasant enough that you walk away with a smile.
So maybe I don’t have as much as I’d like to take with me on holiday, but it was at least an amusing send off.