to pimp it.

So, as I’ve posted recently, I’ve been being harassed by a housemate over my refusal to take part in his “research” on organized crime in this city. I basically have to leave my living situation in order to not dissolve (even further) into a writing mass of rage and hurt. This means giving up a free room and heat in a nice house and a great locati0n. I seriously go to sleep at night unable to think about anything else, I don’t feel comfortable hanging out at home, I can’t trust most of my housemates (there’s 8 of them).

The worst part is feeling like there is absolutely no way of seeking accountability for this harassment.

Or so I thought.

Last night I was hanging out with some friends who work for the university, and brought up this situation, asking if there’s anything I can do about it. It turns out, to do research on any human subject, for ANY department, requires an approval through the ethics committee, and informed consent from all informants. I’m not sure if this is a Canada-specific thing, either way it’s good to know in case you find yourself being used as a case study! I called up the chair of the ethics committee, who was great about it. Apparently this is a pretty aberrant case. I’m pretty scared of some sort of outing/retaliation (though at this point, could it get much worse?), but he reassured me that they’ll address it without indicating that someone actually called in a complaint.

What I really want is to string this guy up by the balls, but I know that won’t happen. At best, a few profs will be like “ethix, u haz none.”

In other news, we got a new kitty! He’s eating up all the mice, and is a little needy (like jumping in my lap and ripping my stockings- bad kitteh!). Cuteness factor increased. Sweet!