Is there an astrologer in the house? Or someone who can explain why everything sucks lately? It seems like everyone I read about/talk to is dealing with some heavy shit. A hippy friend just told me that the stars are aligning soon and everything will make sense and be groovy, but I think that’s bullshite.

I haven’t felt like writing lately, even though I’ve been at work and had opportunity to (this is the only place I have free internet access). I haven’t felt like working, and I think have been sending psychic “keep away” signals to all potential clients (this probably sounds like superstitious bull to anyone who isn’t a sex worker, little do you know this business is more full of superstition than baseball and the stockmarket combined). I’m just grumpy. This is probably due to a recent unwanted move (see previous posts) because of a harassing housemate, a good friend being given a concussion by her boyfriend, and an argument with one of my best friends. I kind of hate people right now, and life, and everything, and especially clients. I don’t want to be here. It’s funny that, given the political context of sex work, my being grumpy about coming to work could hold way more weight in some arguments than someone being grumpy about going to work at an office.

Nothing else eventful has happened.